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Pastel Xpress Start Up


An affordable and easy to use accounting solution

Pastel introduces South Africa’s trusted business solution for quick and easy accounting: Pastel Xpress Start-Up. Pastel Xpress Start-Up is an innovative and affordable single-user, single company accounting software package designed for start up businesses and small businesses.

Transform your business accounting with the power of Pastel Business Xpress-Startup

  • Pastel Xpress Start-Up Version 11 complies with the SARS requirement for issuing electronic documents, including the required 128 bit PDF encryption
  • Pastel’s Setup Assistant allows you to create a company in minutes with an easy to use installation tutorial. Configure parameters per customer
  • Conduct age analyses of customers and suppliers. See outstanding balances by ageing period. Assists in prioritising collection of overdue amounts
  • Utilise the graphic reporting feature to view trends in sales, inventory movement and expense allocation
  • Track your inventory items in as much detail as you desire
  • Enter invoices in a logical and intuitive manner. Link quotations and sales orders, and customise document layouts
  • PDF printing, E-mailing and Faxing
  • Pastel Cover gives you all the help your business needs, including free unlimited support for 30 days upon registering

Pastel Xpress-Startup allows you to add modules

As your business grows and begins to demand more sophisticated features and functionality, Pastel Xpress Start-Up allows you to add the modules you need.

Pastel Xpress Start-Up: The powerful, innovative and flexible accounting software partner for your start-up business.